What SE face Sosul pentru spaghete Carbonara?

Cum se face sosul pentru spaghete carbonara? Intr-o tigaie antiaderenta mai incapatoare (cu pereti mai inalti) se pun 1-2 linguri ulei de masline. De la acesta sosul va deveni mai cremos, mai catifelat.

What is the origin of Carbonara?

The carbonara name is first attested in 1950, when it was described in the Italian newspaper La Stampa as a dish sought by American officers after the Allied liberation of Rome in 1944. It was described as a Roman dish at a time when many Italians were eating eggs and bacon supplied by troops from the United States.

What is paste Carbonara Reteta?

Paste carbonara reteta originala de spaghete carbonara, reteta autentica, facuta cu ingredientele de baza: paste, oua, pecorino romano si guanciale. Reteta video pas cu pas o gasiti mai jos. Originile acestei retete sunt incerte, nu se stie exact cine si cand a creat reteta de paste carbonara.

What are the best tips for making Carbonara?

To make classic carbonara, first cut the guanciale into 1/4-inch layers, then into long, 2-inch strips. Combine the egg yolks with the grated cheeses and a pinch of black pepper.

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