Mega voucher 2021

mega voucher 2021

What is the Mega voucher?

A plataforma MEGA já começou a disponibilizar vouchers para aquisição de manuais escolares gratuitos. Esta iniciativa destina-se aos alunos dos anos de continuidade – 2.º, 3.º, 4.º, 6.º, 8.º, 9.º 11.º e 12.º anos.

When will the vouchers be available for Edu Rede Escolar?

Para os restantes anos de escolaridade – 1.º, 5.º, 7.º e 10.º - os vouchers vão começar a ser disponibilizados a partir do dia 13 de agosto. Para beneficiarem de manuais escolares gratuitos, os encarregados de educação devem registar-se na plataforma MEGA ou descarregar a aplicação Edu Rede Escolar (disponível para iOS e Android ).

What is the date of the voucher sale 2020/2021?

O início do ano letivo de 2020/2021 está previsto para 14 a 17 de setembro, sendo as primeiras cinco semanas dedicadas à recuperação de aprendizagens, devido à crise pandémica dos últimos meses. No dia da abertura da plataforma, cerca de um milhão de vouchers foram disponibilizados, permitindo o seu levantamento nas livrarias aderentes.

Can you win the £1K holiday voucher with the Mega spin-go wheel?

Not only could you win some awesome prizes, like the £1,000 holiday voucher, BUT ALSO, every day that you play the Mega Spin-Go Wheel, you get TWO counters. At the end of the promo period, these counters become bingo tickets for Sun Bingo’s Finale Game in the Candy Room on 15 th July, where a £5,000 holiday voucher will be won!

Why start a mega account?

Start Using MEGA’s Secure Cloud Storage and Fast Transfers Today MEGA allows you to add new members, helping you as your team grows and changes.

What are people saying about Mega?

“MEGA provides an excellent balance between workflow/productivity and privacy.” “Fast, easy to use and good value if you need to store masses and masses of data in the cloud.” “MEGA manages to cater for both absolute beginners to cloud storage, as well as more advanced users who might need encrypted chat or a command line interface.”

When is the next autumn sale 2021?

The confirmed date for the VIP autumn sale is Monday 20th September 2021. Sign up for a new account (see below for details) by 15th September 2021 to get access to the Next sale. The main sale start date for everyone else is from Saturday 25th September.

When is the next Valentine’s Day Sale 2021?

Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale 2021 (Expired) Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale brought major discounts of up to 70% on a wide array of categories. Users could shop from Valentine’s store for exclusive gifts, accessories, decor items, and more. Sale Date: 10th February 2021- 14th February 2021

When is the Steam Summer Sale 2021?

We also already have the dates for the Steam Summer Sale 2021. Thanks to leaked dates, we know the Summer Sale will run from June 24th, 2021 through July 8th, 2021. Is there going to be a Steam Spring Sale? There is going to be a Steam Spring Sale this year but its going by a new name now.

When do the Christmas sales start in 2022?

The main sale start date for everyone else is from Saturday 25th September. It’s online from the morning and from 7am in stores. After Christmas Day, while other people are tucking into their leftover turkey, you can save money and shop for clothing at winter sale. The predicted date for the spring sale is Tuesday 22nd March 2022.

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