Who is Iberostar?

IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts is a leading hotel chain for holiday hotels, located in the main tourist destinations in Spain, the United States, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

How many Iberostar Hotels are there?

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain with more than 120 four- and five-star hotels, located in the most popular holiday destinations in Europe, Africa and America. The Iberostar hotel portfolio offers customers beachfront hotels , city hotels and heritage hotels .

How do I check into an Iberostar Hotel?

If you have already booked (via Iberostar.com or through your travel agency), go to Web Check-in and fill in your details. Then, when you arrive at the hotel, all you have to do is go to the Priority check-in desk where you will be given your room key.

What does Iberostar do to protect the environment?

At Iberostar, we protect and restore seagrass beds, coral reefs, mangroves and other ecosystems to achieve the goal of improving the coastal health of the destinations where we operate by 2030. Is web check-in necessary before my arrival at the hotel?

What is Iberostar online check-in?

With Iberostar Online Check-in, you can enjoy your holiday even more. The Iberostar Online Check-in includes two different services: Due to the health protocols we are applying for your well-being, it is necessary to check in online before arrival at your hotel. Please complete your reservation details below: More information

How do I book a room at Iberostar?

Book on Iberostar.com or through our Contact Centre and you can choose which room you want to stay in, free of charge. More information The Iberostar My Room Online service is available from the day you book until five days before you check in at the hotel.

Why stay at Iberostar?

At Iberostar, we work constantly to improve our hotels. Our facilities, always as good as new. Look after the oceans and enjoy a more sustainable vacation with Iberostar and Wave of Change.

How is Horizons calculated Iberostar?

Your Horizons level is calculated based on the number of nights you have stayed at any Iberostar hotel, regardless of the hotel type, point of purchase, booking price or country. What is Iberostar Wave of Change?

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