Madeira bus

madeira bus

How is the public transport system in Madeira?

The system is economical, reliable and fun! You get splendid views perched up on bus seats and the drivers are expert; you’ll feel safe in their hands. Four companies ensure the public transport system in Madeira — Horários do Funchal, SAM, Rodoeste and EACL (Empresa de Autocarros do Caniço) — covering different parts of the island.

Where is the closest bus stop in Madeira?

In Madeira, buses outside the Funchal agglomeration are not quite as frequent. The density of the bus network is much less than in the Funchal area. From the house, the closest bus stop is about 50 meters west of the Bar Achada, above us on the main road, close to the ‘ecoponto’, the colourful garbage containers along the Estrada Regional ER 222.

How to get from Funchal to Madeira?

If you want to go outside Funchal, there are regular interurban buses to Nuns Valley, Camacha, Caniço, Santa Cruz or Santana, to name only a few. By using SAM and EACL bus services you can go east to Caniço, Santa Cruz, Madeira Airport, Machico, Santo da Serra and Porto da Cruz.

Who rents buses in Funchal?

The “Horários do Funchal” Group rents buses for tourism. Its fleet, the biggest in Madeira, has 47 buses, 38 with a capacity of 53 seats and 9 of 24 seats.

How to get to Funchal Madeira?

Public Transport Service in Madeira The Horários do Funchal bus service offers easy access to Funchal via its city, urban and interurban services. In the centre of Funchal, the environmentally- and wheelchair-friendly mini buses (Linha Eco) are a handy way for visitors to discover different parts of Funchal.

Is there public transport in Madeira?

EACL – Empresa dos Autocarros do Caniço Public transport in Madeira isn’t perfect. There are multiple public transport companies and to each one of them, we need different tickets. Four (of five, if you count also Servico Interurbano) different companies for such a small island as Madeira, are, in my opinion, a few too many.

How easy is it to catch a taxi in Madeira?

Catching a taxi is generally easy. There are plenty driving around the busy streets, which will stop when signaled by pedestrians. Catching a taxi at the airport is never a problem, but if you prebook your madeira airport transfers it works out much cheaper , and there are many taxi ranks (stands) around the city.

Is there Uber in Madeira?

A popular alternative to Uber in Madeira is Bolt or Taxiin Madeira. The Bolt app service is no different from how Uber works. We have used it many times in Funchal, and it worked great. While it can be difficult to catch a Bolt outside of Funchal, it works great in Funchal.

How do I get from Funchal Airport to Madeira?

Airport shuttle cover transport to all resorts from Funchal Airport to your Madeira holiday Accommodation. Our door-to-door Funchal airport Express Shuttle services are provided from 08h00 to 20h00 to the destination below on Madeira Island.

Why choose Funchal Airport Shuttle?

An increasing number of people use our Funchal Airport Shuttle services from and to Funchal Airport Madeira to their hotels in Funchal City Center. Funchal Airport Shuttle are Safe and reliable Funchal airport Shuttle service at fixed price.

Is there a railway from Madeira to Portugal?

Unfortunately there is no railway system connecting the island of Madeira with the rest of Portugal. Other than catching a flight, the only way to actually reach this destination is via a ferry or boat to the island. There are more than a few commercial ferries travelling to Madeira and back during season.

How far is the flight from Porto to Funchal?

The flight time between Porto (OPO) and Funchal (FNC) is around 2h 42m and covers a distance of around 1191 km. This includes an average layover time of around 27 min. Services are operated by TAP Portugal, easyJet, Transavia France and others.

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