Euromilhões jackpot

euromilhões jackpot

What is the EuroMillions jackpot?

EuroMillions. EuroMillions is a lottery that is played across nine European countries. Draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €17 million, which can roll over up to an impressive €190 million.

What is the EuroMillions jackpot cap for 2020?

The EuroMillions jackpot cap currently stands at €200 million, the largest amount possible to win in the game. NEWS: The EuroMillions Jackpot Cap increased to €200 million in February 2020!

What is the jackpot limit for EuroMillions 2019?

This was the first time in the history of the game that a jackpot exceeding the previous €190 million limit had been hit. As a result, the new jackpot cap stands at €210 million for the next time the limit is reached.

What is the biggest price you can win at EuroMillions?

The biggest price you can win at this Euro Lottery is a jackpot of 190 million. EuroMillions uses a basis Jackpot. For every draw it contains € 17 million, and every time there is no hit the amount of money will increase. Sometimes the Euromillions Jackpot increases to € 130 million euros,...

What are the EuroMillions jackpot limits?

EuroMillions rules also allow for the jackpot cap to increase in future. As soon as a €220 million jackpot is won or has rolled down, the cap will become €230 million. The cap will continue to go up by €10 million after every time it has reached its limit and been won.

What was the EuroMillions jackpot in September 2019?

As a result of the cap being reached, it then increased to 竄ャ210 million for the next time it gets hit. September 2019 The jackpot rolled over for 18 draws in a row to hit the 竄ャ190 million cap ahead of the draw on Tuesday 24th September. It was the most consecutive draws without a jackpot winner in EuroMillions history.

What is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever won?

Not only is the €190 million (£169 million) jackpot the joint-largest in history, but the odds of winning have never been better. Find out all about this special event and why the record prize now has to be won. The EuroMillions jackpot reached its €190 million cap back on Tuesday 24th September, meaning that it could not grow any higher.

How many EuroMillions must be won draws have there been?

There have only ever been three EuroMillions Must Be Won draws: 8th October 2019 - The top prize rolled over all the way from its starting value to €190 million (the jackpot cap at the time) and remained there for the next five draws.

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