Odessa ukraine

odessa ukraine

Is Odessa a major city in Ukraine?

The city remains a major port in Ukraine, with well-equipped docks and ship-repair yards. After 1957 a new outport was built at Ilichevsk, 12 miles (20 km) to the south. Odessa is the base of a fishing fleet. The city’s rail communications are good to all parts of Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania.

What is Odessa known for?

The city is also the administrative center of the Odessa Raion and Odessa Oblast, as well a multiethnic cultural center. Odessa is sometimes called the pearl of the Black Sea, the South Capital (under the Russian Empire and Soviet Union ), The Humor Capital and Southern Palmyra .

How to get to Odessa?

The Odessa International Airport is the third-largest in Ukraine. Tourists can fly in directly, leapfrog down from Kyiv, or take the train from elsewhere in Ukraine, Moldova, or Romania. Here are some highlights to aim for.

What does Odesa mean?

Odessa ( Russian: Оде́сса [ɐˈdʲesə]) or Odesa ( Ukrainian: Оде́са [oˈdɛsɐ] ( listen)) is the third most populous city and municipality in Ukraine and a major tourism center, seaport and transport hub located in the south-west of the country, on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea.

Where is Odessa in Ukraine?

Odessa, third-largest city and municipality in southwestern Ukraine. Odessa is a major seaport and transportation hub located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea. About Map: The map showing location of Odessa in the Ukraine Map. Where is Odessa Located?

Why is Odessa so important to Russia?

Located in southwest Ukraine, Odessa is a seaport on the Black Sea coast located in the Odessa Oblast (province). It is Ukraines third-largest city and serves as a major hub for both shipping and transportation. As Russias invasion of Ukraine continues, Odessa has been subject to a number of missile strikes – so why is Odessa important to Russia?

How to get from Odessa to other cities?

Intercity bus services are available from Odessa to many cities in Russia (Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk ), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich ), Greece ( Thessaloniki and Athens ), Bulgaria ( Varna and Sofia) and several cities of Ukraine and Europe. Odessa Holovna is one of Ukraines largest railway terminals.

What is the government of Odessa?

Whilst Odessa is the administrative centre of the Odessa Raion and Odessa Oblast, the city is also the main constituent of the Odessa Municipality. The city of Odessa is governed by a mayor and city council which work cooperatively to ensure the smooth-running of the city and procure its municipal bylaws.

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