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Is Nintendo still promoting online and competitive play?

Nintendo has been continuing its promotion of online and competitive play in some key titles, albeit without blowing the doors off and gaining a lot of attention. Particularly through the Nintendo Versus account it highlights frequent competitions in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and... Talking Point Not A Mario Kart Tour Fan?

Is Nintendo taking its focus away from the switch?

No-one can accuse Nintendo of taking its focus away from the Switch now that its over five years old, in fact its quite the opposite. The release line-up of major first-party content is looking packed, the eShop is still attracting excellent download games, and Nintendo continues to look at ways to boost the Switch User...

Whats new in the my Nintendo physical rewards?

The My Nintendo physical rewards options continue to expand, which is especially nice now that Platinum Points are easier than ever to earn if you have Nintendo Switch Online. The latest goodies to arrive in Europe celebrate the fantastic tactics title Triangle Strategy, though an obvious bit of branding design has been...

Do I need a Nintendo Account to access online services?

To access any of your systems online services, youll need a Nintendo Account. Create a Nintendo Account.

Can you buy controllers with Nintendo Switch Online membership?

Nintendo Switch Online members will also have the opportunity to purchase full-size wireless Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis controllers** to play these classic games the way they were meant to be played. Stay tuned for more details about membership benefits, pricing, and launch date.

What is a Nintendo Switch exclusive offer?

Exclusive offers include products that only those with a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership can purchase. Save Data Cloud backup compatibility varies per game. Some titles, including Splatoon 2 and 1-2-Switch, are not compatible.

Can you buy physical rewards in the new my Nintendo Update?

Or at least they could, as the My Nintendo update, as spotted by Nintendo Life, has removed the option to purchase physical rewards.

Why did Nintendo remove rewards from my Nintendo?

Curiously, the European version of My Nintendo appears to be unaffected and is still offering physical rewards, raising the possibility that their removal on the American version is simply a mistake that requires fixing. Some might say that My Nintendo is in dire need of an update, but instead of removing rewards, Nintendo should be adding more.

What can you do with platinum points in Nintendo Switch Online?

After you’ve completed one of these missions, just head back to the Nintendo Switch Online app to collect your Platinum Points, which you can redeem for digital wallpapers, physical items from the My Nintendo Store, and new member-exclusive icon elements you can collect and put together to create a new user icon. Introducing icon elements!

What is my Nintendo and how do I use it?

For anyone unfamiliar with it, My Nintendo is a website where people can earn and spend the Nintendo Points they earn from either purchasing games or completing certain missions in mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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