Transavia orly

transavia orly

How do I get to Orly Airport?

Follow the signs Aéroport dOrly to the A106 (motorway). The travel time is approximately 20-45 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. The P1 and P3 parking areas are located immediately next to Orly 3, from where the flights of Transavia depart.

How long does it take to ride the Orlyval?

On the Orlyval line: starting from Antony, the travel time to Orly 3 is approximately 8 minutes. The Orlyval runs every 4 and 7 minutes. If you are travelling from Paris to the airport, it’s possible to buy a single ticket that allows you travel the entire way, including the ride on the Orlyval.

How long is the travel time from Orly 3 to Antony?

With the Orlyval-line: when departing from Orly 3, the travel time to Antony is approximately 8 minutes. The Orlyval departs every 4 and 7 minutes. If you travel from the airport to Paris, you can buy a ticket that you can use to travel the entire route, including using the Orlyval.

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