2. bundesliga ergebnisse

2. bundesliga ergebnisse

What does 2 Bundesliga mean in German football?

The 2. Bundesliga ( Zweite Bundesliga, [ˈt͡svaɪ̯tə ˈbʊndəsliːɡa]) is the second division of professional football in Germany. The 2. Bundesliga is ranked below the Bundesliga and above the 3. Liga in the German football league system. All of the 2. Bundesliga clubs qualify for the DFB-Pokal, the annual German Cup competition.

How many people watch the 2nd Bundesliga?

For the 2016–17 season, an average of 21,717 spectators watched 2. Bundesliga matches, making the 2. Bundesliga the worlds most-watched secondary football league.

Who came second in the Bundesliga in 2018?

Eintracht Frankfurt came second and Fortuna Düsseldorf returned to the Bundesliga for the first time since 1997 when it defeated Hertha BSC in the play-offs. Karlsruher SC failed to remain in the 2.

What is the highest win in the 2nd Bundesliga?

Arminia Bielefeld celebrated the highest victory in the 2. Bundesliga in the 1979/80 season in an 11–0 win against SV Arminia Hannover. Four more games in the 2nd division also ended with a double-digit result. FC St. Pauli won 10–2 in the 1974/75 season against VfL Wolfsburg and Freiburger FC against Würzburger FV in the 1979/80 season.

What is the difference between Bundesliga and German League?

Therefore, while the Bundesliga literally means Federal League, a more logical translation would simply be German League, more specifically a nationwide German league encompassing the entire Bund instead of its regions.

What is the 2nd Division in German football?

The 2. Bundesliga ( Zweite Bundesliga [ˈtsvaɪtə ˈbʊndəsˌliːɡa]) is the second division of professional football in Germany. It was implemented 11 years after the founding of the Fußball- Bundesliga as the new second division for professional football.

What are the other names of the Bundesliga?

FC, SC, Sppvg, eV, VfL, VfB, etc. What is the meaning of Bundesliga? The Bundesliga means “Federal League”. It can also be described as the “German League”. Why does the Bundesliga have 18 teams?

When did the 2nd Bundesliga start?

The decision to establish the 2. Bundesliga as a fully professional league below the Bundesliga was made at the annual convention of the German Football Association, the DFB, in Frankfurt on 30 June 1973. The league replaced the five Regionalligas that were at this level from 1963 to 1974.

Is there a 2nd Bundesliga in 2019?

2018–19 2. Bundesliga. The 2018–19 2. Bundesliga was the 45th season of the 2. Bundesliga. It began on 3 August 2018 and concluded on 19 May 2019. 1. FC Köln and SC Paderborn were automatically promoted to the Bundesliga; Union Berlin were promoted after winning the Bundesliga relegation play-offs.

When did the 2018 Bundesliga start and end?

Bundesliga was the 44th season of the 2. Bundesliga, the second highest German football league. It began on 28 July 2017 and concluded on 13 May 2018 with the match between VfL Bochum and FC St. Pauli (0:1) and ended with the 34th match day on 13 May 2018. From 19 December 2017 to 23 January 2018, the season was interrupted by a winter break.

Who won the Bundesliga in 2018?

Bayern Munich were the defending champions, and won their 28th Bundesliga title (and 29th German title) and seventh consecutive Bundesliga on the final matchday. 1. FC Nürnberg A total of 18 teams participated in the 2018–19 edition of the Bundesliga. 2017–18 2. Bundesliga 1. FC Nürnberg 1. FC Köln 1. FC Nürnberg 1. FC Nürnberg 1. FC Nürnberg

What happened to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1991?

The tenth season of the single division 2. Bundesliga was to be the last in its current format for a time as the German reunification in 1991 lead to changes to the league after this season. With FC Schalke 04 and MSV Duisburg two long-term Bundesliga teams finished at the top of the league.

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