Why choose Birkenstock®?

Perfect Quality. Birkenstock use only high quality materials, whether they are leather or animal free. The leather used for Birkenstock® uppers is approximately 3mm thick and very supple. Each contour in a Birkenstock footbed is precisely placed to stretch, flex and move naturally.

What are Birkenstocks made out of?

Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co. KG is a German shoe manufacturer known for its production of Birkenstocks, a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork footbeds (soles) made with layers of suede and jute, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers feet.

What is Birkenstock 1774?

With an unwavering desire to innovate and to consistently improve, BIRKENSTOCK 1774 is filling a gap between high fashion and functionality. Guided by quality and function, inspired by innovation and creativity – 1774 is a celebration of BIRKENSTOCK’s values in durability, functionality and sustainability and an embrace of the new and innovative.

How much are the Birkenstock brothers Worth?

Brothers Alex and Christian Birkenstock are worth an estimated $1.7 billion each based on the $4.87 billion value implied by the sale of up to 70% of the business to L Catterton, a firm backed by the billionaire chief executive of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, and his family’s holding company, Financière Agache.

Are Birkenstocks good for your feet?

In short, yes. Unlike most sandal designs the Birkenstock footbed is contoured to match the shape of a healthy foot. While it might initially feel ‘different’, Birkenstocks are designed to support the natural shape of the foot.

Why are Birkenstock sandals so controversial?

Birkenstock sandals are surprisingly controversial. First, there’s the appearance. Some people, myself included, love the leather straps and norm-core aesthetic of these shoes.

Are Birkenstocks hippy or norm-core?

The images in this Birkenstock review are of the Arizona design in dark navy. This is a pretty minimalist, pared-back sandal. But you can get the shoes in a multitude of colors and styles. The other main design elements are the cork footbed and the large buckles. These are the two pieces that I think give the shoe its hippy or norm-core reputation.

Do You Wear Your Birkenstocks in the middle holes?

I wear mine in one of the middle holes and have no issues, especially once the leather has molded to my feet. Minimal wear on the sole despite months of use. Birkenstocks were originally made as fitness sandals. They’re designed to be worn for walking and, because of this, they can definitely take a beating.

Why choose Birkenstock 1774?

Never meant to become a fashion brand itself, BIRKENSTOCK has nevertheless attracted designers ever since. With an unwavering desire to innovate and to consistently improve, BIRKENSTOCK 1774 is filling a gap between high fashion and functionality.

Where do Birkenstocks come from?

A pair of Birkenstocks near the ocean. The Birkenstock brand traces its roots to Johann Adam Birkenstock, registered in 1774 as a vassal and shoemaker in local church archives in the small Hessian village of Langen-Bergheim.

What is 1774?

Conceived as a showcase for special projects and inspired by its founding year, 1774 is BIRKENSTOCK’s new venture into luxury. Its newly opened global office in Paris functions as an incubator for developing innovation and new partnerships.

Why Birkenstock and Valentino?

“BIRKENSTOCK has its own universal language, valuing the DNA that is both, free and adaptable”, explains Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino, the fashion house that recently collaborated with BIRKENSTOCK. Selective about their partnership, the collaborations between the heritage brand and designers are truly synergistic.

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