Hydra bot discord

hydra bot discord

How to set up Hydra bot on Discord?

To set up or play music bot on discord by using hydra bot, you just need to follow certain steps: Step-1: Become a member of a Voice Channel. By clicking on the channels with a speaker symbol, you can simply join a voice channel. Step-2: Become a member of the Voice Channel.

What is Hydra Music bot?

Hydra is the only Discord music bot youll ever need! Hydra allows you to play music from a wide range of platform including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more! When setting up Hydra to be used via a custom player youll be able to control the bot from a unique song request channel!

Whats the Best Music bot for discord?

The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc.! Hydra is a music bot with a easy to use reaction-based menu and a unique way of showing the current song and queue (optional).

How do I use the song request bot?

You can use this bot in 1 of 2 ways: Use the .setup command and get a unique songrequest channel. You can queue songs in there simply by name or url (no prefix or command needed). After setup most of the commands only work in the songrequest channel. Hydra is multilingual and you can set your prefered language.

How do I use a hydro bot in discord?

How to use hydra bot in your Discord server. To use Hydra bot make sure you have at least one voice channel. Type .setup into a text channel (any will do). This will create the channel youll control Hydra bot from. Then select the #hydra-song-requests channel and type the name of the song you want to play.

How do I add Hydra bot to my server?

How do you add Hydra bot (Hydra.bot) to your Discord server? To begin, the first thing you need to do is visit the Hydra.bot website. Once you are on the main page, click Invite, then sign in to your Discord account. You’ll have to accept the usual permissions and select your server from the list of servers you currently own.

Is there a bot for music on Discord?

At least for the time being. Hydrabot is one of these services and is a powerful music bot that you can add and use in your Discord server. It has all the usual options for controlling the music including using emoji reactions. Hydra also has simple commands, allowing server members to easily interact with the bot and request songs.

How do I make a Hydra bot play a song?

Type.setup into a text channel (any will do). This will create the channel youll control Hydra bot from. Then select the #hydra-song-requests channel and type the name of the song you want to play. You can type the.play command followed by the name of the song.

What are the best bots for discord?

However, one of the features that make Discord stand out from its alternatives is probably the existence of Discord bots. With bots, you can moderate and introduce almost anything fun into your interactions. Some of the best bots, by far, are music bots for Discord. What Are Music Bots for Discord?

What is a Music bot on Discord?

Discord bots are third party services that join your server and often features discord doesn’t. These bots can be used for moderation such as banning, muting, kicking rule breakers, playing fun mini games and more. Discord music bots join your voice channel and play whatever music you want it to play. How to add Music bots to your Discord server?

What are the best features of discord?

One of the biggest features of Discord is its ability to integrate bots which cannot only help automate things but also perform actions which are not possible natively. My favorite Discord bots are the music bots which allow users to play music in the background while the whole community is chatting with each other.

What is Probot for discord?

Just like Zandercraft, ProBot is actually way more than just a music bot for Discord servers. In fact, it’s a powerful, fully-functional bot that can pretty much handle everything you want to do on your Discord server, single-handedly. For listening to music, ProBot offers the ability to stream high quality music on your server.

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