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Who is Vander in League of Legends?

Arcane’s Vander is a former revolutionary who now serves as a father figure for four orphans, including Vi and Powder, that may have gone on to become a champion in League of Legends.

What happened to Vander’s past in ‘Lion’ season 1?

Over the course of the first three episodes, fans are shown the childhoods of Vi and Powder, who goes on to become LoL champion Jinx, two young Zaunite orphans living in the undercity under the iron fist of Piltover. During the first act, Vander’s brutal past is revealed including his near-murder of fellow rebel Silco.

How would Vander have an impact on VI?

Ultimately, Vander would have a large impact on Vi, as his teachings would continue to influence her long after his death. After his failing uprising, Vander adopted Powder as his own daughter and taught her to both live a better life and be a better person than himself.

What happened to Vander in ‘the Mandalorian’?

During the first act, Vander’s brutal past is revealed including his near-murder of fellow rebel Silco. So is the fact that he led the Zaunite rebels, including Vi and Jinx’s parents, to the slaughter on the bridge to Piltover.

What happened to VI in the Undercity?

In the beginning of the series, she and her siblings accidentally blew up Jayces study with one of his Hextech Gemstones, resulting in Piltovers enforcers trying to find them in the Undercity. Vi was the only one that they caught and she was imprisoned for years.

Why did VI want to fight in the end?

Vander was concerned for Vi since he had lost so much, including Vi and Powders parents, when he and Silco led their followers in battle with the enforcers. She explained her reason for wanting to fight was to give Powder a better life.

What did Vander do in his later life?

Determined and zealous, Vander did all he could in his later life to ensure the safety of those under his protection—the residents of Zaun and, more specifically, the children hed taken under his wing.

Who is Vander and what is his message?

Dont ever lose it, no matter how the world tries to break you. Vander was a Zaunite bartender and the adoptive father of Vi and Jinx.

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