Isv 2022

isv 2022

Where will the ISV Congress 2022 be held?

We are excited to announce that the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Annual Congress will be held in historic Québec City, Canada, at the Québec City Convention Centre on September 18-20, 2022.

What is ISV partner day?

ISV Partner Day is Grey Matters annual partner event for ISVs, SaaS providers, managed service providers, and systems integrators and we cant wait to welcome you in person on Wednesday 5 October. Were very excited to announce that we will be hosting this years ISV Partner Day at Microsofts Thames Valley Park office in Reading, UK.

What is the ISV Congress?

Participation in the ISV is an excellent way to increase your scientific network and visibility. The Congress includes representation from global and regional vaccine groups such as the Korean Vaccine Society (KVS), the Japanese Society of Vaccines (JSV) and the ISV China branch.

Why attend the ISV regional conference?

Held over three days, the annual ISV Regional Conference provides a great opportunity for you to visit regional Victoria and keep up-to-date with the latest in surveying.

Where is the SIV ISV 2022 Congress held?

The SIV ISV 2022 Congress will be held both virtually FAD and on site in Naples at: The Royal Continental is on the Naples seafront.

Why attend the ISV Congress?

The ISV Congress will continuously contribute to nurturing fruitful collaboration among people working in the vaccine sphere. The convention center is set on Parliament Hill, flanked by excellent hotels and sits just steps from Old Québec.

Who will be the co-chairs of the 2022 Congress?

The 2022 Congress is co-chaired by Joon Haeng Rhee, Manon Cox, and Gary Kobinger. Please see some preliminary Congress info below to enthuse you for the upcoming Congress:

Why attend ESMO 2022?

ESMO Congress 2022 will again present the very latest advances in the treatment of cancer and offer an excellent educational programme, with a wealth of opportunities for exchange of ideas among delegates.

Whats an ISV partner? An ISV partner is essentially the same thing as an ISV certified independent software provider -- they can resell their software solutions on a computer hardware providers, operation systems, or cloud platforms marketplaces.

What is an independent software vendor (ISV)?

These MarTech companies who partner with computer hardware providers, operating systems, and cloud platforms to resell their software solutions on their marketplaces are called independent software vendors. Read on to learn exactly what an ISV is, what it means to be ISV certified, and what an ISV partner is. Whats an ISV?

What is Microsoft ISV Tech series?

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