What is Hvar famous for in Croatia?

Hvar island, Croatia Island of Hvar Croatia The island of Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich of the various historical periods, the culture and natural monuments and the literature.

How to get to Hvar Island?

Split and Dubrovnik airports are the closest airports to Hvar island. However, regardless of the way you travel to and around Croatia, sooner or later youll need to board a ferry or catamaran, or just a boat, to reach the island.

What to eat in Hvar?

There are wine and olives, so a guest wishing to get closer to nature will stop at a small inn (Hvar konoba) rather than a top quality restaurant. He will taste real home-made wine instead of some famous sparkling wine, he will sing the old island songs and forget the monotony of the everyday routine.

How bad is the road from Hvar to Sucuraj?

The main islands road D116 runs from Hvar Town to Sucuraj and connects all major towns on the island, like Stari Grad, Jelsa, and Vrboska. The western section of this road, around Hvar, Jelsa, and Stari Grad, is in good condition. However the more east you go toward Sucuraj the worse it gets.

What is Hvar famous for?

Approximately 68 km (42.25 mi) long, with a high east-west ridge of Mesozoic limestone and dolomite, the island of Hvar is unusual in the area for having a large fertile coastal plain, and fresh water springs. Its hillsides are covered in pine forests, with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields in the agricultural areas.

What is the size of Hvar?

What is the size of Hvar? The island covers the area of 297 km2. The total length is 69 km. Being a fairly narrow island (see map below) the width is 10 km at the widest point but most of the island is just about 2-3km wide. The population of the islands is just over 11 thousands permanent inhabitants, 3800 of them living in the Hvar Town.

Is Hvar a party island?

Is Hvar a party island? If you are asking yourself is Hvar a party island, then the answer is yes. It is a party island but not exclusively. The island is also favourite among families with children as well as among the mature travellers who are looking for peace and quiet.

Where to stay in Hvar?

The most popular place to stay is in Hvar Old Town and its surrounding streets while the rest of the island is less crowded. Although the island’s accommodation is known as pricey, if you carefully plan your stay you can find good deals in privately own apartments and rooms for the most part of the year.

Where is Hvar island? The island is located off the coast of Croatia, between well-known cities of Split and Dubrovnik. The distance from Split is 19 nautical miles (35 km) and from Dubrovnik 77 nautical miles (140 km). From both places, Hvar is easily reachable as a day trip destination (see other day trips from Split).

How to get to Hvar in Dalmatia?

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